Why We Don't Do Wordpress.

Posted by LO on November 2, 2015

We gave up on Wordpress years ago when Geoff finally buckled down and developed his own content management system. Truth be told, we've pretty much given up on all other blogging and content management platforms. We have even given up on Geoff's original CMS, Neptune.
We're now complete and total devotees of our newest product, PageRoost.
But we didn't give up all of those other platforms because of Geoff's software. The software was developed because all of those other systems sucked. They sucked time, energy, resources, space, and bandwidth. The simple fact was that most of the content management software was too bulky, too clunky, and too bloggy for our needs, and the needs of our clients.
Wordpress might be everyone's favorite blog platform turned CMS, but the fact is that Wordpress was designed to be a blogging platform, not a CMS. And in order to get it to work like a CMS for our clients, it required a lot of fighting with code and installing plugins that could all break as easily as clicking "Update".
And while that's great for us because we can bill our clients for time spent fixing a broken Wordpress site, it really wasn't giving our clients the best service. Crappy software = unhappy clients. And the truth is, we were unhappy having to constantly fix things that shouldn't break.
Wordpress is great for a lot of reasons, but it's also really shitty for one main one: too many cooks. Think about it. If you have to install 3 different plugins to make a blogging platform work as a CMS, and those plugins are written by 3 different developers who all have day jobs, you may not always have current, up to date, secure plugins. And if the plugins you use aren't updated with each new version of WP, then you may have plugins that suddenly no longer work. *Insert snapping fingers here*, just like that.
Talk about frustrating.
Nearly all of our clients are using our Content Management Systems. Many still on the original, self-hosted version called Neptune. We're urging all of our clients to use our new CMS, PageRoost. The main benefit of it being that it will never break because plugins aren't updated. Why? Because we're in charge of all the plugins and how they interact with the software.
We favor simplicity and ease of use.
And that's why we don't do Wordpress anymore.

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