Plan8's Quick Guide to Organic SEO

Posted by LO on September 28, 2014

Quick SEO Guide from Plan8 Studios, Inc.

There are multiple parts to creating the perfect SEO formula. Today, I’d like to focus on what creates the optimal conditions for top ranking organic search engine results. There are 3 components I’d like to discuss; those are: content strategy, social virality, and links back from strong and authoritative sources and thought leaders.

What is a content marketing strategy?

No matter how many times Google changes its search algorithm, one factor has continued to influence search results more than any other: content. In the early days of search engine optimization, spammy search marketers were able to load pages full of irrelevant keywords in order to gain higher rankings. As time went on, it became increasingly important to rank not just upon individual keywords or phrases, but semantically.

Focusing on content brings search engine users more relevant search results. This is a key component to search engine marketing. It also means that those searching are most likely to click one of the first few results on the page. Using a multi-point content strategy, you can cover a wide range of relevant topics, while providing useful and helpful information to those in need of it.

A well thought out, developed content strategy will allow you to focus when brainstorming for new landing pages, and blog posts. It will create a common, and achievable, goal for your content.

How do I take advantage of the viral nature of Social Media?

Leveraging social media can be one of the trickier aspects of organic SEO. There are so many rules of etiquette when it comes to social media and it can be hard to keep up. Trends change incredibly fast in viral world of social media.

My best advice is to do your research. Follow users who are true genuine people, who already have an interest in what you have to say, or who are leaders already in your industry. Having a lot of followers or likes is great, but they won’t do you much of a favor when it comes to engaging with, and sharing your content. And that’s the ultimate goal. One retweet from an authoritative voice is worth 100 retweets from spam bots.

When it comes to sharing, think of every post as a conversation with your followers. Consider whether or not a post would provoke you to respond. If it would, you’re on the right track. Stay engaged with your audience by responding to comments, replies, and retweets. Be appreciative of your fans, and reply to criticism constructively. Be human.

What is backlinking and why is it important?

Backlinking refers to other sites that link to your content. The more QUALITY links back to your site, the better your search engine score will be. Quality backlinks help search engine’s determine your site’s importance and popularity.

If you are properly leveraging social media, you should be able to connect with other thought leaders in your industry. Take advantage of those connections to share eachothers’ content and spread your message to an even wider audience. One great way to get backlinks is through guest blogging.

In summary:

  • Create helpful, personal, inspiring content
  • Connect and share with REAL people through social media
  • Find authoritative authors and industry leaders to share and promote content with

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