Top Secret Entrepreneur Tips: Content Batching

Posted by LO on November 17, 2015

Top secret productivity tips for entrepreneurs. The art of content batching.
A few weeks ago, an ad on Facebook caught my  eye. In it, a woman claimed that she could teach me how to write all of my content in one day. I thought to myself, "holy shit! HOW THE HELL DO YOU DO THAT?"
So I clicked on the ad.
I was directed to a landing page on Melissa Cassera's website. I read her spiel and decided that this workbook was worth giving her my email address. Worst case scenario, I'd unsubscribe and only waste a few minutes of my day.
The work was extremely helpful. And while I didn't learn how to write ALL of my content in one day (honestly that would be impossible), I did gain valuable insight into content batching.
I actually wanted to kick myself because it was obvious. I felt stupid for not thinking of it myself.
I'm charged with the task of writing for three different blogs. This one, of course, but also PageRoost, and my personal blog about cooking and vaporizers. Writing 5 blog posts a week is utterly overwhelming to me. I mean it sounds like a lot when you think about it. And it's not just writing the post. It's gathering or creating other collateral, like images and videos, and doing light research.
I tried setting the time each week to write each post on my calendar. I thought scheduling them and breaking up the writing on different days would work, but it led to so much more time being wasted or work not getting completed at all. Not good.
The first day I tried out content batching, I wrote 10 blog posts and 3 newsletters for Plan8. That is insane, right?
Here's the math you need to start content batching:
  • Decide how many pieces of content you need
    • Number of blog posts per week * 52
    • Number of newsletters per month * 12
    • Number of longer content pieces, like e-books or case studies per quarter * 4
  • Figure out how long each piece of content will take to write
    • Multiply the total number of hours each piece will take by total pieces of content
  • Divide that by the total number of hours you will dedicate per batch day
    • In my case, I'm dedicating 10 hours per batch day, which worked out to about 1 batch day every two weeks
    • You'll likely be able to do batch days less frequently than me unless you're also maintaining 3 blogs at once.
I absolutely must recommend that you download the workbook by Melissa Cassera because it helped me streamline my content creation efforts. I owe her a huge thanks, I feel like I just gained so much freedom.

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