12 Apps We Think Every Entrepreneur Should Use

Posted by LO on October 22, 2015

12 Apps that keep things moving smoothly for our web development and marketing business

It should come as no surprise that we use a lot of cloud-based apps and software to keep our business running as smoothly as possible around here. Plan8 Studios provides most of our services remotely, so it only makes sense that our tools work wherever we need them to.
Between the high-speed internet in our office and iPhones with unlimited data plans, Geoff and I are rarely without an internet connection. Hashtag blessed. Nearly all of the tools we use live in the cloud, and that makes life so easy.

1. Evernote

Evernote is a note taking application that syncs across all of your devices so your notes are where you need them. I mostly use the desktop application on Windows 10, however, I keep it installed on my iPhone and iPad mini for those times I need to access notes on the go, or when I'm at a conference and want to take notes. On my iPad, while I do use Evernote there, I prefer to hand write notes and use one of its partner apps, Penultimate.

2. Trello

Every nerd's favorite to-do list/task management apps. Especially if you like the Kanban board method of project and task management. There are few things as satisfying as moving a card to your done list.

3. Slack

We used to use Google Hangouts to chat during the day and update one another about various projects or ask questions. Then one day Geoff found out about Slack and we never looked back. It works great for teams of all sizes and if you work for multiple organizations, you only need one login for all of them. Talk about a time saver.

4. Freshbooks

Every freelancer's favorite bookkeeping software. It's perfect for smaller organizations. And they keep adding new features that make it easier to use and get paid.

5. IFTTT/Zapier

My love for If This Then That is no secret. And I run recipes every single day that make my work and personal life easier to manage. It's probably my favorite application I've ever used as it ties together all of the other apps I like to use. Zapier is a similar application that we also use around here, when IFTTT can't do the job (which is less and less often as IFTTT expands).

6. Google Drive

I gave up on Microsoft Office years ago. Google Drive replaced Office as soon as I realized how flexible and comforting it is to have all of my documents with me wherever I have an internet connection. Plus it's easy to share documents and collaborate with co-workers.

7. Canva

Canva is how I create all of the graphics on this blog. It's a breeze to use. Browser based. And there's an iPad app for when I want to lay in bed and make pretty images for social media. Canva comes with a ton of preset common sizes for social media profiles, and gorgeous free templates (with some paid ones too).

8. PageRoost

Ok, this one is totally biased. PageRoost is a Plan8 Studios product. We built it to make content publishing a real breeze. And your web developer will love building your site on it. Especially if your web developer is Plan8 Studios.

9. MailChimp

We use MailChimp for our email marketing. MailChimp has some great features like automation and transactional emails (with Mandrill by MailChimp). It is incredibly easy to use and we highly recommend it to all of our clients.

10. Hootsuite

We use Hootsuite to manage all of our branded social media accounts. From LinkedIn to Facebook to our multiple Twitter accounts, Hootsuite makes it easy. And with our Pro account, Hootsuite makes publishing a breeze by recommending content for our social profiles. Talk about easy.

11. Stripe

Stripe is how we process our credit card payments for both Plan8 Studios and PageRoost. It integrates with Freshbooks so our clients can pay right through their invoice, with minimal processing fees.

12. Insightly

Insightly is our CRM. It helps us automate some of our sales processes, and keep track of ongoing deals and negotiations. Also, it's free for our organization because we are still a small organization. 
And those are the apps and software that help us run our business efficiently. Now leave us a comment and tell us what apps and software you love using for your business.

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