8 Digital Marketing Predictions for 2016

Posted by LO on December 18, 2015

8 Digital Marketing Predictions for 2016

Can you believe we're thisclose to yet another new year? 2016 is right around the corner and the team here at Plan8 Studios decided to take a glimpse into our crystal ball to make a few predictions about the state of digital marketing in 2016.

1. More personalization.

Ad targeting is going to get even better in 2016. As Facebook continues to pave a path for ultra-relevant, and personalized ad placements, I think you're going to see more ad servers give you better targeting options.

More personalization means you can deliver better ads to your audience and that is a good thing.

2. More accountability.

After a few recent, but minor "scandals" in the paid online ad world, advertisers and marketers are extremely aware that there's a chance they are paying for ads that only bots are seeing. And that's kind of a big deal. This makes your ads less effective. And, it's a big bummer when you're spending from a modest budget.

The upside of this is that ad servers are going to be more tuned into the audience so that your ads in the future will be seen by real people.

3. But, paid ads will be less effective anyway.

I think you're going to see more of a decline in the effectiveness of your ads even if they are extremely tailored to your audience and the ad servers are more accountable. I know, that probably sucks for you.

Now that ad blockers are being built right into the browsers (I'm looking at you Safari), it's harder than ever to get your paid placements seen. Insert sad trombone here.

4. Organic SEO/Inbound Marketing will reign supreme.

Content and inbound marketing will be your best friend in 2016. And the web makes it easier than ever to create many different forms of content quickly and efficiently. Canva is a great tool to create presentations, pdfs, and graphics for social media and blogs. If video is more your style, you probably already get the YouTube, thing.

5. Native Advertisements will continue to grow.

Yes, as much as I hate getting tricked into reading a personal essay that turns out to be an ad, the fact is they work. Paid placements for long form content will likely reach a new high in 2016. Native ads are the digital equivalent of paid product placement on TV shows, or in newspapers and magazines. Subtle, but sometimes slimy. Especially when the paid status isn't pointed out until the very end.

6. Great content is necessary.

Just as it has been the last few years, helpful, informative, original content will continue to be an essential digital marketing tool. If you don't already have a content creation team for your marketing department you should definitely look into hiring a professional.

As much as we all like to think, as entrepreneurs, that we can do it all, content marketing is one of those times to call up a pro.

7. Marketing automation will be your real best friend.

Automating marketing activities will be a life saver and you'll wonder why it took you so long to get on board. It will be even more accessible in 2016 as the marketing automation software market becomes more competitive, and therefore, more affordable.

8. Social conversions will continue to be important

Whether you're using social media to attract new buyers or new leads, social media will continue to drive more traffic and more conversions in 2016. As an entrepreneur, you probably already know how important social media is in terms of raising brand awareness and delighting existing customers. This new year will be the year of social conversions, if you're doing social right.

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